Board Butter Glide Wax

Board Butter Glide Wax - 1lb. S-UNIVERSAL

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BOARD BUTTER GLIDE WAX Shop-universal is the best basic fluor-free butter formula for the back shop use. This medium-soft blend is designed for easy application for big tuning orders or those who love to wax often. 

Great penetration and long lasting durability.

1lb back shop size block

Rub-on or Ironing application (Recommended)

Scrape well and polish with a brush for top performance. 


Classic Board Butter 'All Temp' Glide Wax

Color: White

Made from locally sourced ingredients

Fast wax guarantee

Fluor-free and Non Synthetic

Safe for the environment

Smooth Ironing

Recyclable packaging

Comes with a sticker

Hand poured from riders for riders




"Butter Glide Wax is hands down our favourite shop wax. We are constantly on the search for the best products for our customers and are extremely happy with this wax. It ticks all the right boxes including the big three of performance, ease of application and durability."

~ Dougal Pow

The Wax Bench Revelstoke, BC