Industrial Sizes

We make bulk size wax for shops and manufacturers.

Bigger companies have a bigger impact on our environment, let your impact be a positive one for our environment by using biodegradable, high performance Board Butter Glide Wax instead of other fluoro products.

Contact us if you'd like bulk size BBGW for your customer's sliding devices or factory wax jobs so we can help protect our winters and continue to enjoy our sports for years to come.

Absolutely THE BEST WAX for EVERYDAY riding

 100% Biodegradable, high performance Ski & Snowboard wax is here for you. Hand made by riders for riders!

Only locally sourced, carefully selected materials are used. These original formulas were searched by our curiosity and are tested and developed in Revelstoke, British Columbia, a sweet ski town located right in the deep of the snowy mountains.

Inspired by the local everyday Skiers and Snowboarders, our wax has been tested over 100 days a season since its creation, truly a team effort between our riders and friends.

We are based in the middle of the snowy Monashee mountain range, only a short drive away from world famous back country terrain at Rogers Pass in Glacier National park. Even the local ski hill of Revelstoke Mountain Resort has the greatest vertical in North America with 1,713 meters (5,620 ft) from top to bottom. From the sunny side of south face to the gnarly north face of the mountain, this HUGE amount of vertical riding provides a wide variety of snow conditions in one day.


We avoid using any synthetic waxes (widely used in this industry but are not biodegradable) and any of those harmful gliding boost chemicals like fluoro or silicons(are known as causing cancer agents). We believe and proved that we don't need those harmful materials from testing over the years. Our wax is fast! We even have Cross Country race winners using our 100% biodegradable waxes.

Boosting materials help gliding in certain snow conditions but it doesn't make sense to still use them considering what we now know, which many studies have shown, that it's harmful to the human body from inhaling the fumes while waxing and it also damages the environment.

We have been working with wax technicians who are responsible for waxing up to 10 pairs of an athlete's skis in preparation for high importance races. In those type of waxing jobs, You might want to have 20 different types of wax to choose from and every single boosting chemical on the market, providing a strong sense of confidence leading up to a big competition and don't mind spending thousands of dollars to secure your job and life.

If you're not this type of wax technicians, then waxing is simply an extra effort to keep you having the best day possible on the mountain, where BIG smiles and HIGH FIVE moments are! 

High performance wax that performs in a wide range of snow conditions and also it isn't harmful to our beautiful natural playgrounds.

Our carefully selected 100% biodegradable wax materials come from the closest Canadian wax plant and the packaging is a recyclable paper box. This helps to reduce our CO2 footprint while also helping each other with local businesses. All of these factors are important to us to have an epic day on the snow.

Join us! Lets keep boosting our joy naturally.

It's snowing outside, as you melt the wax onto the base, allow it to sink in and the smell to fill you with images of the great times will be happening tomorrow.

New snow & Friends.

Live deep, good times and happy gliding to all!