An eco-friendly, high performance ski and snowboard wax, developed and hand poured in Revelstoke, BC. from riders for riders.

Board Butter Glide Wax® is tested in some of the most demanding alpine terrain in North America by our local R&D team. The result is a superior performance wax, free of harmful perfluorocarbons, and in sync with the environment. 130 days of testing each season to improve the gliding performance and durability for you.

It’s better with butter. Happy riding to all!

Industrial Options

We make bulk size wax for shops and manufacturers.

Bigger companies have a bigger impact on our environment, let your impact be a positive one by using our locally sourced, fluor-free, high performance Glide Wax and continue to support Canadian companies.

Contact us if you'd like bulk packaged BBGW for your customer's so we can help protect our winters and continue to enjoy our sports for years to come.


What's THE BEST WAX that we can to use every day?

Our original formulas began from plain curiosity but once we discovered you don't need harmful chemicals to make fast durable wax, we were hooked. Since then we've been testing over 100 days every season to refine the product and keep our curiosity at bay.

We are based in the middle of the snowy Monashee mountain range, only a short drive away from world-famous backcountry terrain at Rogers Pass in Glacier National park. Even the local ski hill 'Revelstoke Mountain Resort' has the most vertical in North America. From the sunny South-facing slopes to the gnarly North-facing features, the HUGE amount of terrain here provides a wide variety of snow conditions in one day. 

We avoid using synthetic waxes and any harmful glide boosting chemicals like fluoros or silicons. After all, many studies label them as causing cancer agents. They are harmful to the human body from inhaling the fumes while waxing and it also damages the environment.

From our testing over the years, we have proved that we don't need those harmful materials. Our wax is 100% biodegradable, made from recycled materials and FAST. We even have Olympic Cross Country race winners using our waxes.

Join us! Lets keep boosting our joy naturally.

OUR Environmental act

Responsible for the ecosystem

Our carefully selected local materials are all non-toxic and safe for the environment. 

Board Butter Glide Wax is hand poured using non-synthetic and fluor-free additives in Revelstoke BC and Åre Sweden.

Reducing un-necessary CO2 footprint

We are proudly producing in two separate locations to reduce un-necessary carbon footprint.

The race-winning waxes are tested by avid riders from around the world. 

All handmade in Revelstoke, British Columbia and Åre, Sweden.

Recyclable packaging and shipping cushions

Our waxes come in recyclable packaging made from recyclables.

Our shipping cushions are even re-used paper cushions from the local printing shops paper waste.