Board Butter Glide Wax

All in 1 Special Butter deal 90G x 4 Blocks !

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Ski and snowboard glide wax all in 1 package! 15% off package deal.

All NEW Original formulas. Fast wax guarantee!  

Rub-on or ironing application (recommended)

Scrape and polish very well with a brush for top performance.  


-Base preparation wax

-Warm temp     2c to -6c

-Universal        0c to -12c 

-Cold temp     -5c to -15c

High-performance hot wax kit

Locally sourced paraffin and additives

100% biodegradable

Per-fluorocarbon free

Pleasant non-toxic smell

Recyclable package

Comes with a sticker

Hand-poured in Revelstoke BC

It's better with butter